Unproductive, Ineffective, Embarrassing: What a Wild Day on Capitol Hill

I feel the need to comment on Randall Terry’s shameful behavior at Pelosi’s office.

What he and his group did is NOT the right way to show disagreement with the health care bill as it currently stands. The bill includes abortion, and if we want abortion funding OUT of the bill, we should make phone calls, send emails, call our rep’s, and go speak to them in their offices. Anything else is just pointless.

Trashing Pelosi’s office, and yelling and screaming (and let me tell you, the obnoxious chanting was from BOTH pro-life and pro-health care bill people) is unproductive, disrespectful, and childish.

Thanks, Randall Terry,  for making us look like a bunch of crazies.

I’m embarrassed.


Edit: Found the video in a format that I can use on this blog. Can anyone tell me why pro-Pelosi health care people had their butts hanging out? So weird. Everyone’s getting so crazy down there in Washington.

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