Obama Is For Peace…Not

womb of peace

Yesterday, Monday October 12th, Rachel Campos-Duffy bravely voiced her opinion on the talk show, The View, about Obama’s radical abortion agenda.

I too find it ironic that Obama, who supports abortion, won the Nobel Peace Prize. Anyone who supports abortion (even abortion “choice”) automatically supports the murder of innocent children worldwide.

If we want to become change agents in the world and create peace, then we must realize that peace begins in the womb (this happens to be one of my favorite slogans from Feminists for Life)

Mother Teresa articulated this point very well during her Nobel Prize acceptance speech. She said,  “the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing – direct murder by the mother herself.”


An abortion extremist, such as Barack Obama, does NOT deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

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