Stop YouTube Discrimination

YouTube has banned videos filmed by Live Action Media  which show Planned Parenthood’s abuses of the law. Although Live Action sent an email requesting where in the video it violates YouTube’s policy, YouTube failed to provide an explanation for the removal of the videos.

The videos are part of an investigation called the Mona Lisa Project. The project’s goal is to reveal to the public the abuses of the abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood’s violation of mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape.

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites. Every minute, 10 hours of video is uploaded to the site. This video can reach people of all ages in 19 countries across the globe.

It is important that pro-life videos reach the largest population possible so that a culture of life can be promoted in our communities.

Ensuring that the public has access to pro-life media is quite frankly a matter of life or death. So please help us show YouTube that we will not allow the pro-life message to be silenced.

Here’s how:

1. Sign the petition

2. Directly contact YouTube and ask them to explain why they removed the videos

2. Watch the videos and tell your friends about YouTube’s discrimination

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3 Responses to Stop YouTube Discrimination

  1. Tim Mercure says:

    Sorry for the belated comment, I was catching up on your blog.

    That being said, this really does not seem like discrimination by YouTube. They take down all kinds of gruesome images and videos, not just pro-life ones.

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