Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins- president Family research council

This is Planned Parenthood’s bailout bill. They stand to make billions of dollars in this government health care bill.

Every American should be concerned if not outraged by what is being imposed. You or your children or your elderly parents denied a lifesaving procedure while your money goes to planned parenthood….

For the first time in over 30 years, taxpayers would be forced to fund abortions in a broad manner in this country. Pastors: if your church provides healthcare for you and your staff, that money will go into a benefits plan provided by the government..the church would then be subsidizing planned parenthood and the abortion industry. There’s something wrong with that picture.

Yes health care needs to be reformed. But A government takeover is not the answer.

Keep calling your representatives and senators..the phones are ringing off the hook! Keep the cards, calls, letters coming, they’re having an impact.

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