Peggy Hartshorn

Peggy Hartshorn is the president of Heartbeat International, a non-profit association of  crisis pregnancy centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and non-profit adoption agencies.

peggy hartshorn

Hartshorn on Taxpayer Funded Abortion and Crisis Pregnancy Centers

“I think [the abortion mandate] would make our work…even more challenging.”

Plannned Parenthood’s research organization, the Guttmacher Instititute, estimates that when abortions are funded by taxpayers, they are increased 30%.

Hartshorn believes we would see many more women and men wounded by abortion. These individuals may have difficulty attaching to subsequent children,  marriage difficulties, depression, drug abuse, spiritual separation, etc.

Hartshorn also said tax payer funded abortion would make abortion more of a “legitimate choice”. You would see more people pressuring women into abortions.

Through legislation, crisis pregnancy centers  might be forced to refer for abortions. Health care professionals would then be forced to learn or offer abortion services, so those opposed would stop practicing or never enter the medical field in the first place. Fewer health care professionals means less quality health care for all of us.

“The abortion mandate is an assault on the dignity of the human person”

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