Jim Sedlak

Jim Sedlak is the executive director of STOPP, an organization that is trying to make Planned Parenthood close its doors for good.

jim sedlak

Sedlak on Planned Parenthood Funding

“Planned Parentood is in a fight for their survival..if they don’t get what they need, they’re in trouble”

“If they don’t’ get their services written into national health care, they will be out of luck” Basically, they won’t be able to tap into government funding.

40% of Planned Parenthood income is from government money.

“It’s time for us to push back. We have the opportunity to push back. There’s another bill making its way thru congresss this week that will give us an opportunity to show congress that Planned Parenthood is not wanted.”

The bill is Rep. Pence of Indiana’s pro-life amendment that takes Planned Parenthood’s Title X money away. Tomorrow (Friday) it has an  up or down vote on house floor. Please contact your representative  and tell them NO MONEY for Planned Parenthood.

EDIT 7/24: Today the House opposed Pence ammendment.

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