Carmen Pate

Carmen Pate is the co-host of Point of View Radio and also a post-abortive woman.

carmen pate

Pate on How Abortion Harms Society

65% of individuals involved in abortions suffer emotional grief and trauma. And it has a a ripple effect, influencing all the people they love, especially their families.

“Women are not well informed or prepared for the psychological problems created by abortion and then when they suffer from the difficulties, they are told their pain doesn’t exist.

I stand with thousands of women who are now speaking out with one voice. Our president, our legislators, and women across America MUST be told of the physical and long term psychological damage done by abortion.  Post-abortion counseling and education is critical for the healing of post-abortive women and men. These women and men are realizing they weren’t given the information to make a well informed choice.”

Abortion Recovery International is a non-profit association dedicated to healing individuals and families affected by abortion. In 2008, they responded to over 40,000 calls.

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