Bishop Harry Jackson

Bishop Harry Jackson is the senior pastor of Hope Christian Church.

harry jackson

Jackson On Durbin’s Racist Remarks

Durbin’s remarks were made during a committee markup about D.C. budget. Durbin is the U.S. Senator from Illinois.

durbin racist

In D.C. 41% of all pregnancies are terminated by abortion. He justified this by saying that basically it’s a black thing. Listen to a recording of his comments. (Also check out SuzyB’s thoughts on the subject)

“These ideas are the classic attitudes of the bureaucrats in D.C. They don’t care for the people in D.C. or life in general. There is a culture of death in D.C.”

Blacks do account for over 1/3 of the abortions in the nation. In D.C. in 2006, blacks terminated 78% while they only make up 57% of the city’s population. Only 18% were performed on whites. But this is a DECREASE. “We had higher abortion rates in times gone by.”

Jackson on Abortion and Teen Pregnancy

“Taxpayer funded abortions will make the problem of teen pregnancy, in a sense, easier to fix. This will lead to the use of abortion, not abstinence, as a way to prevent out of wedlock teen birth. This will cause abortions to soar above 41%.”

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