Who Said Metal Bands Couldn’t Be Pro-Life?

The pro-abortion crowd  just doesn’t understand the pro-life movement…and they never have.  They think we’re all post-menopausal white women who have never read anything except  Betty Crocker’s cookbook.

In fact, we’re much more diverse than that. We’re women AND men, we’re old AND young, and we come from all different walks of life. We’re Black, Hispanic gay & lesbian, feminist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Republican, DemocratLibertarian. Some of us are pharmacists, lawyers, or  college students. We’re even in metal bands from Fredericksburg, Virgina.

pro-life band

For those of you who are into metal, check out Hope At Hand’s pro-life song entitled “Decades of Night”on their Myspace player.

Here are the lyrics:

What’s that stench creeping through our windows
Oh no children
That’s not the boogie man outside
Only the sound of the silent night
Coming to steal away your silent cries

Don’t fall asleep tonight, don’t close your eyes

Death has crept in through our windows
He’s sitting at our tables and dining in our homes
he’s wearing the mask of convenience, the mask of freedom
We tuck him fast asleep with the children
Go to bed and let him feast on the innocent
But only blood will appease his appetite

Shut all the windows
Lock all the doors
Keep the children close
in these decades of night

But from somewhere deep, somewhere underground
Justice has a voice, Can you hear that sound?
Of the ones we gave away?
Shut our eyes and we walked away

But there is One who sees them all
And every cry rises before His throne
His blood speaks a better word than the blood of Abel

I will tear down my altar of convenience
And lift my voice for the innocent
I’ll lift my voice for the helpless
For the helpless

Oh but let justice flow like a river
And let righteousness rain down
Justice has a voice, can you hear the sound?
of 50 million that we gave away?

So we pray,
Oh God end abortion
Oh God end it now

Oh generation I prophecy
You will live and not die

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