Suicide Tourism

Come visit Switzerland! Famous for its fine Rolex watches and delicious chocolates, this unique country also boasts spectacular castles, museums, churches, and natural parks.

Oh, and did I mention they have legal assisted suicide?

The killings hit world news when a British man suffering from Parkinson’s disease arrived in Zurich and was killed less than 24 hours later. His family did not know of his suicidal plans.

Mentally ill people also have the right to kill themselves, provided they are in a “lucid” state. But how does one know for sure that this death wish is a carefully thought out decision or just a  symptom of their illness which calls for treatment? Hmm..good question. And not even the Swiss Court could answer this one. “The court urged “utmost restraint” in these decisions, noting it is difficult to determine if the desire for death is a function of the illness calling for treatment, or the result of a “self-determined, carefully considered and lasting decision of a lucid person…”

Furthermore, in 2008 it was revealed that only 79% of people who died by the hands of Dignitas were deemed terminally ill. The founder has been quoted saying that they will assist “irrespective of medical condition…it does not matter what people are suffering from, we do not refuse anyone”

But not all Swiss are happy with their country’s morbid practice. Last year, neighbors of Dignitas, the organization that offers suicide on demand, collected signatures to have them evicted from their complex. “This is meant to be a residential flat but some days you’d think it was a morgue…the look in their eyes haunts me, particularly if they are young.”

….Now that’s creepy.

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