Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

good neighbor update

Be a good neighbor. Help support the decision to end the life of an innocent child.

Here are some ideas:

1. Throw a party

Everyone loves a good party; whether it’s celebrating a birthday, graduation, or the imminent death of an unborn child. Don’t forget to put out a donation bowl- abortions are expensive! Helpful hint: To avoid awkwardness, tell guests to leave their own kids at home.

2. Pay your taxes

Soon, with the help of Turbo Tax or nearest H&R Block, your hard earned money could now fund a health care plan that helps pregnant neighbors in need. Well, technically your money will actually provide coverage for “abortion providers”, not “abortion services”, but what’s the difference?

3. Send a giftcard

Some people are just too hard to shop for. Fortunately, Planned Parenthood gift cards are available, for any occasion!

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