Response to George Tiller Murder

Message from PV President, Kasey Ketterer:

As you may have heard, yesterday George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who notoriously performed tens of thousands of late-term abortions, was shot and killed. Although we abhor Tiller’s practices, we recognize that his murder was unjust. As people who are genuinely pro-life, we seek to protect life at all stages and regardless of a person’s beliefs or practices.

Unfortunately, the pro-choice lobby wishes to portray Tiller’s shooter as a member of the pro-life community and the pro-life movement as a whole as a group of radicals who support this one person’s misguided actions. (Of course, we know that the shooter, having taken the life of a fellow human being, cannot be truly pro-life.) For this reason, it is imperative that we show our support for pregnant women and for the unborn in peaceful ways, demonstrating that we will not be intimidated by the deceptive pro-choice lobby.

On Saturday, June 6, we will be holding a peaceful vigil outside of the AWMS clinic in Wilmington. We will meet outside the clinic at 10 a.m. to hold signs with peaceful, loving messages offering hope and support.
Additionally, please keep George Tiller, his family, the shooter, and all people involved in the pro-life and the pro-choice communities in your thoughts and prayers. May those who think that violence, whether inside the womb or outside of it, is the solution to any problem see the error of their ways.

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