Parental Consent for Tattoos…But Not Abortion?

How can this be justified?

“The Maryland House of Delegates has unanimously approved a proposal to require “parental consent” for tattoos and body piercings done on minors. However, the state still only requires that one parent be notified that a minor is going to have an abortion, with no need for the parent’s consent.

Republicans in the House tried and failed to amend the “tattoos and body piercing” measure to include parental consent for abortion when Del. Gail H. Bates, a Howard County Republican, asked to have the measure include parental consent for “other invasive surgical procedures.”

Furthermore, there are so many loopholes, the abortionists can do whatever they see fit.

“The physician may perform the abortion, without notice to a parent or guardian of a minor if, in the professional judgment of the physician, notification would not be in the interest of the minor.

“So a teenage girl’s parents could be kept in the dark about an abortion, a medical procedure with grave physical and psychological risks, simply because the abortion provider thinks it’s a good idea.”

Davis also pointed out that each year approximately 22.6% of Maryland abortions are performed on girls 16 and under.”

There’s a reason children aren’t allowed to make  important decisions concerning their body- why should abortion be an exception? Let’s stop playing politics and start worrying about kids’ health and safety.



Edit: Oops, forgot to give credit…quotes from LifeSiteNews, read original article here.

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