Embryonic Stem Cell Research

On March 9th, Obama issued an executive order overturning Bush’s limits on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. On April 23rd, National Institutes of Health (NIH) drafted plans to implement the directive. If approved, tax payers will be funding the destruction of embryos for scientific research. These embryos will be donated by parents as unwanted leftovers from fertility clinics. Currently, the legislation does not allow for the destruction of embryos created by cloning or IVF embryos created especially for research purposes.

The public has until May 26th to comment.

Please click here to tell NIH to oppose tax payer funding of the destruction of human life. Also, contact your two senators and representative and tell them to oppose the legislation.

Sample messages (provided by National Committee for a Human Life Ammendment)

MESSAGE TO CONGRESS: “Do not use my tax dollars to promote destructive embryonic stem cell research or any form of human cloning. Instead please support adult stem cell research, which is ethically sound, harms no one, and is already producing treatments.”

MESSAGE TO NIH: “I am opposed to your draft guidelines for embryonic stem cell research, which force me as a taxpayer to subsidize research requiring the destruction of innocent human life. Support should be directed to stem cell research and treatments that harm no one and are already producing good results. In no case should government support be extended to human cloning or other morally reprehensible creation of human embryos for research purposes.”

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