Love Triumphs

So I know how much of a concern the economy is right now. Why else would 13 uses for dryer lint be a featured article on my home page?

However, I’m glad to see that in these hard economic times, women facing crisis pregnancies are continuing to receive the emotional support and material assistance they need.

Chris Slattery sent me this article featured in World Magazine.

Here are some excerpts:

According to the Guttmacher Institute, three-fourths of the women who get abortions say they do so because they cannot afford a child. It’s too soon for any hard data on whether the current recession is leading to a jump in abortions, but the Associated Press recently reported anecdotally that abortionists are seeing more women who feel they can’t afford to keep their babies.

Pro-lifers have heard this concern for years, but they think that love and care can trump economics.

Take Tawona Huff—25 years old, 26 weeks pregnant, and unemployed since May. When she found she was pregnant, she was living off unemployment and she and her boyfriend (both laid off from a hospital) were still searching for work. After two abortions and a miscarriage she wanted to be a mom, but she also wanted to go back to school one day and finances looked grim. Then she heard her baby’s heartbeat. “That was it,” she said. His name is Carter.

Huff lives on $258 a week, and she says no one will hire her while she’s pregnant. She would rather not go on Medicaid for the first time in her life—they look at her like she’s never worked, she says—or depend on her family for help. But she says of her baby, “I love him like he’s already there.”

Christopher Bell, director of Good Counsel maternity homes, said the numbers have stayed consistent, although the funding flow has slowed. Nicole Moss, program director for the Midtown Pregnancy Support Center, said it has seen an increase in clients, but that may be due to better advertising, not bad times. Sister Magdalene, director of the Visitation Mission for Sisters of Life, said she had seen no increase in economic concern—but it is a refrain she hears every day, whether there’s an economic downturn or not. According to the records Moss keeps, the majority of women considering abortion fall into the lower income brackets.

That is why all of these organizations provide material assistance or referrals for everything from strollers to maternity clothes to maternity housing to Medicaid. When it comes to the medical bills, New York provides free prenatal care for women with a yearly income as high as $29,148.

“Does the economy affect love?” Marzulla demands. “No! Does love affect the economy? Yes.”

Local shout outs: Birthright of Delaware, A Door of Hope, Bayard House. Keep up the good work!


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One Response to Love Triumphs

  1. Matthew Ung says:

    //“Does the economy affect love?” Marzulla demands. “No! Does love affect the economy? Yes.”//
    So very true.

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