Protect Your Conscience

The laws that forbid discrimination against health care professionals who exercise their conscientious rights related to participation in abortions and sterilizations could be eliminated.

As a consequence, there would be little  protection for pro-lifers in the workplace. Many workers would leave their jobs, and over 600 Catholic hospitals around the nation would close their doors.

So, as a future nurse, I’m seriously concerned. And you should be too.

Help defend the conscience rights of health care professionals and students.


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One Response to Protect Your Conscience

  1. One opposition to the law you mention was argued in the article: “Conscientious Objection Gone Awry — Restoring Selfless Professionalism in Medicine” by Julie D. Cantor, M.D., J.D., in the New England Journal of Medicine. I make a counter argument to Dr. Cantor’s article in the following blog post.

    Please read it and comment!

    Thank you.

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