Killing Girls

I don’t know where you would find a copy of the documentary, but the trailer leaves you with enough to think about. Everyone should watch it.

Here are some blurbs from a LifeSite News article:

“‘Killing Girls,’ so named because all the women filmed eventually learned they carried baby girls, is a documentary seven years in the making that discusses the history of abortion in Russia and follows the induced abortions of several young Russian girls.”

“According to the film, in Russia 80% of women have had at least one abortion.  Of these, the average woman has aborted between two and ten times throughout her life, and hundreds of thousands of Russian women each year are permanently stripped of their fertility due to their abortions. ”

“‘Killing Girls has also been my most difficult film to produce, mainly because it was next to impossible to find finance,’ said Ireland-born producer and director David Kinsella.  ‘Everybody was telling me that I could not show this or that! … I was being suffocated by all the negative criticism towards our film. So I decided to make a film straight from my heart and soul and forget all the negative reactions. At times I felt totally helpless during the filming, the screaming from the hospital are tattooed on my soul, the sound of a baby crying during the abortion,’ he said.  ‘I was totally shocked.'”

And here’s a couple different trailers: warning they contain very graphic nudity and are highly disturbing.

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One Response to Killing Girls

  1. Matthew Ung says:

    That last Russian video was so sad.

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