Pro-Life Apologetics

In response to the “Why Are You Pro-Life?” post, Pro-Life Vanguard members submitted their own thoughts on the topic.

We would like to share them with you:

In order to be consistent in our defense of human life after pregnancy, we have to start defending it at conception. It’s the only way we can condemn genocide, euthanasia, eugenics, and ethnic cleansing, and in so doing stand up for ALL of our human rights, with any credibility. For consistency’s sake– for the sake of the whole human race, whether they’re talking about the poor, the ill, the poverty-stricken, or whatever the case may be, we need to defend life from the start. For if we premise our human worth and value on capability, on age, or indeed on anything but our membership in the human race, we open ourselves up to the worst violations of human rights at any time at any place.

I am pro-life because abortion is the leading cause of death in the African American community. Currently, more African American babies are being aborted than are being born. Abortion alone has made African Americans a smaller minority than Hispanics in America. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood, a pro=abortion institution founded on racist principles, targets African American communities by “setting up shop” there in order to take advantage of pro-abortion ideals that the African American community has succumbed to.

I am pro-life because I don’t think abortion is ever the best choice. It does not solve problems; it just replaces the perceived problem of pregnancy with lifelong problems associated with having an abortion. Can’t afford a baby? There are organizations whose sole purpose is to provide for pregnant mothers food, clothes, prenatal care, baby supplies, job training, etc. Don’t want a baby? Adoption! There are so many people who are looking to adopt because they can’t have their own children. I am pro-life because a baby is not property that can be disposed of on a whim; it is a living human being. Are you merely an appendage of your mother? I know I am not. When the doctor sits at the end of the bed pulling out the already formed arms and legs with fingers and toes, can you still argue that it is not a human life?

I am pro-life because I believe life and human rights begin at conceptions. Abortion should not be used as a reset button when people think they have ruined their lives. You could never know what kind of future an aborted baby would have had. They could have been the next Einstein or Mozart. All people have a choice but the choice they make is the one that led them to be pregnant. All babies are wanted by someone, and if it’s not the mother, that is no reason to throw life away.

I am pro-life because I see the inherent value in every human life. No one is inherently any more or less valuable than anyone else. Who am I to decide that the girl who will live her life in a wheel chair or the boy who has Down’s Syndrome isn’t worthy of a shot at life? Who am I to say that someone who would be born into poverty would be better off not existing? Who am I to decide that their lives aren’t worth living? I can’t make that call. Are you willing to?

I’m pro-life for two reasons. First, based on intuition. From the time I first heart about abortion, when I was just 9 years old, I immediately knew something was fundamentally and morally wrong with abortion. This intuition has stayed with me to this day despite growing up in a pro-choice household. My second reason for supporting the pro-life position is on philosophical grounds. When I consider all the reasons why it is wrong to kill another human being, I find the best reason is that it denies that individual a future like ours. The experiences and joys of future life, which is what we all live for, is removed. The future like ours premise handles the philosophically difficult cases such as the suicidal teen or individual in a temporary coma better than competing theories. When the future like ours theory is applied to abortion, only one clear answer can be produced: if left to develop naturally, a fetus will enjoy the same general pleasures in life that we enjoy and aspire to experience. This conveys a moral right to life to the fetus.

I am pro-life because life begins at the moment of conception. That life should only die at its natural end. I am alive and had the right to choose to be pro-life. Everyone should be given this right to choose, but we must remember that only those who have not been aborted have the right to choose to be pro-life.
I am pro-life because I believe everyone deserves a chance to life. Also, I believe women should be aware of the mental consequence abortion can curse someone with. My main reason for being pro-life is because when my grandmother was a young woman, she had an abortion. This abortion is my grandmother’s biggest regret. Throughout her adulthood, she was a foster mother in addition to her own 5  children and eventually adopted twins. She has tried to make up for what she believes to be a mistake. Worst of all, she suffers from anorexia because of the guilt she feels from having an abortion. She is not anorexic because she thinks she is fat but because the fact that she took away a chance of life eats at her everyday. I believe abortion can affect women in ways they do not imagine and is a danger to the well being of society.

I am pro-life because I believe unborn women deserves rights also.

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