Sidewalk Counseling

The counselors gather outside abortion clinics, relentlessly scanning the area for any women who might be of reproductive age. These women they approach en masse and on a run, shouting “Don’t tear the arms and legs off your baby!” or “don’t kill that white baby, people are paying good money for white babies” or more cryptically “that’s not a squirrel in there.” If the woman tries to object or explain her situation, they have no patience: “you had to open your legs for that man, didn’t you?”

One simple search of “sidewalk counseling” on Google unearths this extremely inaccurate view of counselors. I have never read anything farther from the truth.

Sidewalk counseling is peaceful. These people aren’t there to protest. They aren’t there to yell and heckle women. They aren’t there to start fights.  Sidewalk counselors are there to show hurting women the love and respect they deserve. It’s silly for the other side to paint sidewalk counselors as vicious hatemongers only here to harass women. What would the point of harassing scared women be?

Counselors are there to provide loving care and support.

That being said, many sidewalk counselors are religious. Even the two videos I found to illustrate the ministry are from the religious perspective. Yet, sidewalk counseling does not have to be a religious activity. The only requirement I see for a sidewalk counselor is a general concern for humanity.

So, in conclusion: A true desire to help your fellow man (or woman!)  is all you need to be a great sidewalk counselor.

Now, the videos….

Video #1: Liz, the Sidewalk Counselor. Liz is not only a good friend of the club, but a personal friend of mine. She is very knowledgable about the pro-life movement and she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I can’t forget to mention that she is such a gentle and kind person- two excellent qualities for a sidewalk counselor!

Originally from: Pro-Life Unity

Video #2: This video was made by the Franciscan University of Steubenville Students for Life Club about their clinic outreach. This is an excellent portrayal of why they do what they do! You can obviously see how passionate they all are about giving hope to these women. They are an incredibly dedicated group of people for being out there 4 days a week!

For more information on sidewalk counseling:

Pro-Life Action

Sidewalk Counseling Blog

Life and Liberty Ministries

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