Designer Babies

In my last post, I forgot to mention my love for LifeSite News. I subscribe to their mailing list and everyday they send me an email with the day’s top news stories concerning life issues. Their stories don’t just focus on the U.S.; nearly half are reports from Asia, Europe, and South America. The site does an excellent job of putting life issues in a global perspective and I think it is an invaluable resource for any pro-life advocate who wants to be more informed.

Today, one story in particular caught my eye. It frighteningly depicts the growing disrespect for human life, and further demonstrates how hard we must work to spread a “culture of life”- a culture that respects the dignity of each human person at all stages and conditions of life.

Entitled, “Sex-Selection and Hair, Skin and Eye Color in High Demand from U.S. Artificial Reproduction Companies”, the article explains that many in-vitro fertilization (IVF) facilities are offering gender-selection of pre-implanted embryos as well as “pending” tests for hair and eye color and complexion. Placing the issue of the destruction of human embryos by IVF aside, the trait-selection practice devalues the human person and can lead to inequality and discrimination of certain groups of people. Every person has inherent value and deserves to be respected regardless of his physical traits.

In closing, I am shocked to see this issue so close to home, for I once believed gender-selection to only be a problem in countries such as China and India.

From LifeSite News:

“Dr. Jeff Steinberg, director of the Fertility Institutes, claims that his company is performing approximately 10 gender selection procedures every week, at a fee of (US) $18,400 each.

Despite the claim by Dr. Steinberg that Canadian clients tend to ask for more girls, Dr. Jeffrey Nisker, an ethicist and IVF specialist at the University of Western Ontario, has said he was driven to re-examine the ethics of the practice by the large number of requests among Canadian clients for boys.

Dr. Nisker, the first Canadian doctor to perform pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, gave his opinion to the House of Commons committee examining Canada’s assisted reproductive technologies bill, that the government should outlaw sex-selective activities in artificial reproduction, except in the case of sex-related diseases.

He told the Commons Committee that after his team had developed the technologies, requests came flooding in from all over Canada, but, “The number one genetic disease they requested this for was that of being a woman.”

In practice, sex-selective procedures discriminate against women, he writes: “Sex ratio imbalances are already causing social disturbances in parts of India and China where young men cannot find partners. Because sex selection most often prevents the birth of female children, the practice devalues women as a group.”

“All children deserve respect regardless of their sex. Children must never be treated as custom-ordered commodities to satisfy our personal or social preferences,” he added.”

Read the full article here.

Wish for snow tomorrow!


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