News Item: Another Gosnell?

The news item linked to at the bottom of this page discusses a case in Texas where another abortionist is accused of killing live-born babies. Nearly every ordinary American agrees that this is of course a horrific crime. Since this is the case, why do we call attention to these kinds of things? What is their relationship to the pro-life cause?

First of all, this kind of thing is in itself horrible, and we should prevent it at all costs. Abortionists who do this kind of thing are rightfully charged with murder and punished accordingly under current American law. It is likely that it will remain this way in most places for a while, however we do have reason to be concerned. First of all, this kind of thing is bad and ought to be prevented. With abortion being legal, the killing of live-borns is easier because it can fly under the radar. Whether or not the baby is born or still in the womb, it is still the horrible act of murder to kill him or her. However, even those who support abortion should be able to agree with us here that killing live-borns is seriously wrong. Something to think about then is whether or not having liberal abortion laws supports or is at least conducive to such acts. It seems as though this is obviously the case. The second major concern is that there is a real slippery slope here. Some argue that slippery slope appeals are useless red-herrings but in some cases, this is not true at all. Check this-> out for info on the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Basically, we need a federal law to protect infants who have survived abortion yet some still oppose it!

Another point I would like to make about these post-birth abortions is that they are not illogical given the pro-abortion position. Rather, this is exactly what being pro-abortion entails. Certain “ethicists” and others have adopted the position that killing new-borns is permissible under certain circumstances (e.g. Peter Singer). This is alarming in that it is a horrible truth that shows how morally decadent we might become. At the same time it is not surprising because it is the logical conclusion of the pro-abortion position. The reason I say this is simple: There is no in-principle substantial difference between an unborn fetus and a newborn baby that would render killing the newborn wrong but not the pre-born. Once we admit that killing some humans is okay under certain conditions, it makes perfect sense that killing similar humans under similar conditions is okay. Of course, this just shows at the heart of the abortion position is the idea that human life can be discarded for convenience sake. More on this in a future post.


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Up and Running again

This is the blog for the pro-life group on UD’s campus. Our goal as a club is to promote respect for human life in all stages, especially for the unborn because it is their life which is targeted the most today by abortion.

Look for us on student central, our facebook page, or here at the blog. We have meetings every other Monday at 7:30 pm in Gore 308.

Here at the blog we will be posting about the club, news items, and other pro-life information. Stay tuned, more is coming

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HeartBeat Poster

HeartBeat Poster

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HeartBeat: Benefit Concert

On April 17th, come out to University of Delaware’s Trabant Multipurpose Rooms to watch awesome bands perform, play games, and win raffle prizes, all to support Cecil County Pregnancy Center! 

Entrance is $4 at the door. This fee includes 4 tickets that can be used to play a game, enter a raffle or grab a snack!

Even if you can only come for a bit, we will truly appreciate your support for this important cause. 

Bands include:

Shane Palkovitz
The Honey Badgers
Caitlin Jane
The GoAround

Come out to listen, they are all truly amazing!

Co-Sponsor: DE Pro Life Coalition, Inc

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Penny DelGuadio

Pro-Life Vanguard invites you to attend: 
Learning the Truth: Finding Healing from Abortion  
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 
Kirkbride Hall 205 * 
  Mrs. Penny Delguadio is the New Jersey Regional coordinator for
Silent No More, an organization dedicated to exposing the secrecy and
silence surrounding abortion and raising awareness of post-abortive
stress syndrome (PASD) by bringing the issue
into the public arena. By sharing her personal experience,
Penny seeks to encourage discussion on our campus about the issue of
abortion and challenges the audience to reconsider abortion not
only as a legal and political issue, but as an
issue which profoundly impacts individuals, their families,
and society as a whole.

*Kirkbride Hall is located at the corner of Delaware Avenue
and S. College Avenue on the southbound side of S. College
Avenue in Newark, DE.
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Photos from Cemetery of Innocence last Fall

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